The season 2 omnibus edition...


The final episode.

Andrew and his mother race to Marseille but find a final twist that's truly hard to believe. Then, back in London, an unexpected email gives them an ending they thought was lost.

Andrew and his mother travel from Lviv to Nice to find Adolph Lempert's final resting place but soon discover that this man remains elusive even in death. 

Andrew also investigates French prisons and Freemasonry.  

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When we left Adolph Lempert, it was the early 1980s. He was working and living in Paris with his second wife. But where or when (or even IF) he died was still a mystery. So we got some help!

The plan was to go from beginning to end. First to Lemberg (now Lviv) where my grandfather was born, and then to the place we now know it ended. This season is the story of the journey that trip took us on. And of the people I met along the way.


After 4000 miles, twists, turns, tears and more... we have some answers. And a person who may prove to be the final piece in the puzzle of the extraordinary life of Adolph Lempert. The Unbordered Podcast will return in June 2019.

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"At the RAF Museum, Kris Hendrix had such a wealth of information it was impossible to weave it all into the main narrative. Here is just some of what I had to leave out!"

"I was touched to find out that my cousin's daughter, Jess, (Adolph's great-granddaughter) had been enjoying the podcast so I wanted to give her the chance to share her thoughts on what she'd heard so far."

An omnibus edition of the story so far...

We are currently planning the next chapter. If you want to be a part of it or just find out what happens next, then stay in touch.



That controversial third act!

By 1949 Adolph Lempert is settled in north London and pursuing a very English life. But then he does something that results in his daughters never seeing him again.

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How does a stateless Jew in a nazi occupied country not only escape but go on to serve in the RAF?

Andrew Evans finds out more about his mysterious grandfather as well as the fate suffered by the rest of his family, noting some inescapable modern day parallels.

Contributions from Professor Philippe Sands QC and Kris Hendrix of the RAF Museum in Hendon.

Abstracts of immigration documents by

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